A neck lift using facial toning regimens can remove excess fat around the jaw line, and create a more defined and youthful
neck. It also helps with the lifting and tightening of saggy face skin, especially for women and men who have lost or gained
weight in a short period of time. That excess wrinkly tissue is commonly termed human as "turkey neck".

Being on the receiving end of a cosmetic neck lift to sharpen the jawline and have a shapely neck is unfortunately
and can lead to scarring. Within 2 years, the baggy, wrinkled skin will reappear, and you will be out of pocket.

However, if you massage certain acupressure points on the neck, the underlying muscles will firm; blood flow will be increased
to the skin resulting in firmer neck skin - all within a few days. And this type of non-surgical neck lift is free and can be
maintained with just a few minutes of massaging a week.

Saggy neck exercises take a few minutes a week to administer with the fingertips, and it's the best way to rub out wrinkles on
the face and neck, and avoid, lessen, and even eliminate the scourge of turkey neck.

Check out how to do this type of
DIY neck lift in your own home by clicking the "enter" button below...  
Natural Neck Lift - No Surgery Required With Face Gymnastics
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Men and women are using facial toning and face gymnastics workouts
to achieve the best non-invasive facelifts around. It's the end of turkey
neck, sagging face skin, and many wrinkles and creases!
Check out the videos on the website to see how you
can lift sagging turkey neck skin forever with a few
minutes of massage per week. Smooth out wrinkles
with an acupressure facelift
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