Unlike a traditional facelift, mini facelift surgery is targeted specifically on problem areas in the lower part of the face such as
the neck, mouth, and jowls.

With mini facelift surgery the incision is shorter and there are fewer potential side effects.  Mini facelift surgery will set you back
$3000 to $5000.

It can be performed on any person in any age group.  It's just a matter of turning back the clock a little! Generally speaking, mini
facelift surgery is most effective on patients who are
just beginning to experience the initial signs of aging.

So what about older people? What about the risks, pain, and swelling attached to the procedure?

Wendy Wilken's program called Facelift Without Surgery offers a great alternative method to
mini facelift surgery. Read all
about it on the website by clicking the button below...
Mini Facelift Surgery Can Make You Look Younger
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Watch our website videos which shows you a fantastic
way to look younger using facial exercises. Mini facelift
surgery is not the only path to eternal youth...
Mini facelift surgery is not really necessary. Perform your own
non-surgical facelift procedure using your fingertips to look younger!
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